{Kat Molesworth} The Holly Girl


Before I started at Primary School I went to nursery in the adjacent school (demolished in the month I left and now a car park). The school room had a two storey playhouse, there was a secret garden and a log in the playground. I can remember so many snippets from my time there; spreading my hands through paint, singing rhymes long out of fashion and that wonderful playhouse. This picture is from the Christmas celebration performance where I was a Holly Girl.

Can you remember how seriously you took your roles when you were young? That’s how I felt right here, trying so hard to walk in the right place and keep the holly from pricking my legs.

I don’t recall what we were singing, making the advent crowns or half the names of the children. But I can remember cutting my own fringe mere days before this and how furious my Mother was when she saw it. She always asks me if I remember when I cut my own fringe, of course I do, I’ll never forget.

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  • Mammageek
    May 20, 2012

    This is such a great photo. The look of trepidation on your face, the flow and movement of the other children, the so very seventies colours. Hearing your story behind it makes it even more special because now when I look at it my eyes are drawn to your fringe and I smile to myself.

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