Manual Overdrive Launches!


When we began Capturing Childhood the most frequent request we had was for a course to help people step into using the manual settings on their DSLR cameras. In response we developed Manual Overdrive: a three week course designed to kick start your manual settings.

The course runs over three weekends and is packed with advice, information, tips and tricks for using your manual settings as well as basic post-processing edits. We’ll help you figure out how to set your camera to get the pictures you want to be taking. You can share photos and discuss the topics with fellow classmates in the private community groups on Flickr and Facebook.

Registration opens today, June 6th 2012, at 2pm and you can book your place by clicking the blue ‘register’ button on the Manual Overdrive course page.

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  • June 6, 2012

    Hi Kats
    I like the idea of this course but will there be lots of overlap from the Collect the Moments course, or is it worth me saving up and going for this one as well?
    V x

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