Collect the Moments in Review


We finished up our very first course last Friday which feels like such a massive milestone for our business. Far greater than launching; to have written, recorded and delivered our first course is huge for us and we’re both still reeling.

The feedback and blog posts from our students has been really positive. We will be putting together a testimonial page featuring feedback, links to posts and videos but until we have that up and running I wanted to share with you some of the posts I’ve seen this week.

If you have been wondering what you might get out of one of our courses technically, creatively or personally then here are the first few posts written after the close of Collect the Moments.

Laura writes about how the course has affected her photography and her enjoyment of her children. Joeli writes about the pictures that wouldn’t have been taken. Cartside has awoken her film skills and added awareness and knowledge. And Kelly has written about how working on photography has been filling her happiness jar. Not only that but Kelly has also recorded the video message below about the course.

Thank you to each and every member of our class – you made our first venture so much more amazing than we anticipated.

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