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Today we welcome Peggy for {The Story Behind The Photo}. Peggy writes one of my absolute favourtie design and lifestyle blogs: Paul & Paula which has my fingers itching to buy on a regular basis. Thank you Peggy for joining us to share the story behind your photo x

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The picture was taken in August 2011 so pretty much exactly one year ago. It is part of little series as I could not stop hitting the button and another one is my screensaver since then.

Every day it reminds me how lucky I am with these 2 happy and healthy children. It reminds me how great it is to grow up with a sibling.

The picture shows a sweet brother/sister moment… laugh, food, sun, dirt, sharing…

Romy is now 5 and Antoine 2 1/2 and they both will be a big sister {again} and a big brother very soon. One cannot be without the other. I am not saying that they always play all nicely and quiet together but since Antoine was born one thing was very clear: He is MY brother and whoever you are – be NICE to him.

Sometimes I get this very overwhelming feeling of happiness. Seeing them together, having a baby growing in the belly. A daddy who is very present. I want to treasure these young years as they go so quickly. In my mind I always photograph and “click”.

With Antoine, for me, the feeling of being a family really came alive. I thought: We were a couple with a kid, now we are a family.

I am very busy and try to keep my social life up and running but the most important thing is my family. If they are happy, I am too and I can concentrate on other things. Lots of love.

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