{Rachel from Tea with Lucy} The Ride


We are thrilled to welcome Rachel from Tea with Lucy today, sharing her Story Behind the Photo!



This photo was taken at our local annual agricultural show last year. Aila was almost four and Elliot about 18 months old. I hadn’t yet cut his baby hair and I love his long locks in this picture. We let them choose one ride to go on and, after much deliberation, they choose to go on this one together. I was concerned that Elliot might freak out a bit once the ride started. I needn’t have worried. The grins on their faces were constant for the duration of the ride.

I prefer to shoot with the camera on manual focus. With children being moving targets (and in this case on a moving ride) there are often a lot of fuzzy shots that I need to discard. I also find it tricky to get a good picture of them both together. Typically one has eyes shut or a funny expression on their face. (Even in this picture Aila’s eyes are half closed). I have a lot of gorgeous pictures of them individually, but not so many of them both together.

These two are great little play mates. Even more so now, almost one year on. They get lost in their own little imaginary world together for long stretches of time.

I love that this picture captures the delight that they both shared on this fun day out.

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