Featured in The Guardian Christmas Gift Guide 2012


Oh my golly – we are so thrilled to be featured in the wonderful interactive Guardian Christmas Gift Guide 2012.

It is a complete honour to be alongside such enviable products and both of us have been jumping for joy. We hope that if you found your way here from The Guardian you’re making yourself at home!

Something like this doesn’t come about by accident and we want to (get soppy and) say thank you to all of the people who have believed in us and our courses this year.

To everyone who signed up for a course, tweeted, facebooked, blogged and told thier friends, our families who quietly (sometimes) put up with us working late into the night and our own friends who were always there for us we thank you.

Most of all a huge thank you to Kate Carter who chose to include us in this years guide – we think you’re aces!

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