Want to spend the day getting to know your camera?

Looking for a more intensive and face to face learning experience? With our programme of Face to Face workshops in Edinburgh and London you can meet us and other students to get some hands on experience with your camera in great locations that will inspire beautiful image taking.

DSLR Workshop 7

Do you have a DSLR or bridge camera that you want to use more effectively?

Do you run an online shop and you want product shots that make your products stand out?

Do you want to create magical videos of your life?

Well, we have a workshop for you.

We are passionate about online learning, but sometimes you have to be there.  Our workshops put us in the same room so we can offer immediate and hands on help and advice to get you taking the kinds of photos and videos you want to be taking.

Our courses are equal amount inspiration and instruction. You don’t need the most expensive equipment or fancy editing software to take part, we will help you use what you have to capture the best possible images of your family, your products, your life.

Lets put our heads together and get you in control of your equipment.

Kat Goldin & Kat Molesworth

WorkshopProdRocking the Product Shot

London: 13th September 2013

Edinburgh: 1st November 2013


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WorkshopDSLRDSLR Workshops

London: 14th September 2013

Edinburgh: 2nd November 2013


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Video Workshops

London: 15th September 2013


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See our workshop video here: